Girls Who Have a Calm Nature

If you are looking for a long-term or possibly a life-time partner to settle down with, you should look for this type of girl.

She will have a serious out-look and approach to life and have little interest in things frivolous. She is a ‘one-man woman’ and will expect the man to wear the trousers in a relationship. She is likely to be compliant and willing to please. However, she does have standards and habits that are set in stone and will be almost impossible to change. She will judge you by her standards and expect you to have similar expectations and goals in life.

Girls Who Are Bold

These girls appear to be and are very different from calm girls. However, they have an underlying seriousness when it comes to a love relationship, and they will expect commitment from you.

These girls enjoy flirting. They prefer it when they are the centreof your attention. They are very outgoing and fun to be with, but you need to be aware of their invisible boundaries. They will cut youoff very quickly if you overstep the mark. Remaining faithful is an essential in a relationship with these girls. They may appear possessive as they can display a need to hang out with you all the time.

Girls Who Are Flirty

You may often come across girls who are flirty, but very shallow. They often jump from one relationship to another, or have several ongoing at the same time. You should never expect more than a short but often exhilarating fling with these girls.

They are usually very attractive and belief it’s their right to be admired and pampered by boys. They are often referred to a ‘man’s woman’ because they may not connect with other females easily. They may always expect you to pay on a date, and you will need to shower them with gifts.

They are usually accused of only being interested in what they can get out of any relationship, so you can expect to be replaced once the first initial excitement of the relationship calms down. They detest boredom and normality

Girls Who Are Less Attractive

These girls may not have the looks, but they do have a warm and very supportive nature. They can very easily become your life-long best friend, rather than a date.

They believe that they have nothing to offer in the attraction’s stakes and can become very wary with boys, who are attracted to them. They mistrust the intention of boys that offer flowery compliments and make romantic gestures.

They have a mind of their own and expect boys to be more attracted to their mind, than their looks.They put friendship much higher up in the relationship stakes than love. You may need to do the same and forget about romantic gestures and dates

Girls Who Are Boring

Coming into contact with girls who are boring is not uncommon. That usually meansthat you have no shared interests, on which to build a relationship.

During your initial contact, the girl may seem fun and outgoing. However, once you’ve covered all the get to know you bits. You will likely run out of things to talk about. As you have no shared interests or hobbies the relationship will quickly stall. It may be better not to start a relationship in the first place.